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Sue Harper

British Columbia, CANADA


Showcasing the work of photographer Sue Harper who brings her love of nature and its wild inhabitants to each photo - taking you to where nature lives. Her images require dedication and patience in order to experience and capture the natural beauty of her subjects.

Feel free to browse the galleries and if there is something you like, don't hesitate to buy! It's a very simple process. Images are on museum quality photo paper, canvas, acrylic board, and metal sheet, with a large selection of framing options to choose from. Other formats are also available including greeting cards and home decor.

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Growing up in Ontario, Canada, I spent many summers camping in and around Algonquin and other provincial parks. This is where I developed a love for birds, other wildlife and nature early on. My parents quickly realized I was missing something and put a Brownie Camera in my hands. After studying many other photographers works, I too wanted to capture similar images, and so began my quest to learn photography. Much of my spare time is now devoted to chasing the perfect shot.

It's the experience and the relationship I have with my subjects that defines my work.

"Photography gives me an excuse to spend time close to what I love. My love for what I do transcends anything else, which is why I always shoot ethically. I believe in hours of patience, not forcing the shot. I guess I just love animals at the most basic level".

I will photograph birds at Bird Sanctuaries where they are being either rehabilitated to the wild, or they have been injured, and would not survive full-time in the wild without a helping hand. The birds in these circumstances can fly free, with no barriers - but choose to return as they cannot hunt or survive by themselves. I am VERY careful about this aspect, and research the background of any bird in this circumstance.

I now call Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, my home.

Photos have appeared and sold across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. If you could like to purchase a digital version of any images you see, please contact me directly by using the contact form on this site.


1. Promote the welfare of birds and their environment.

1(a) Support the protection of important bird habitat.

1(b) Avoid stressing birds or exposing them to danger, exercise restraint and caution during observation, or photography

1(c) Keep well back from nests and nesting colonies, roosts, display areas, and important feeding sites.

1(d) Before advertising the presence of a rare bird, evaluate the potential for disturbance to the bird, its surroundings, and other people in the area, and proceed only if access can be controlled, disturbance minimized, and permission has been obtained from private land-owners. The sites of rare nesting birds should be divulged only to the proper conservation authorities.

1(e) Stay on roads, trails, and paths where they exist; otherwise keep habitat disturbance to a minimum.

1(f) No baiting of birds or other wildlife.